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Our team builds strong relationships with our clients to help them crystalize their goals. We use research and information to create winning strategies and employ a systematic, data driven approach to getting results. We apply this concept to every project, no matter how big or small.

Groundwork’s large, diversified network allows us to reach influencers, thought leaders and decision makers to solve clients’ problems and meet their objectives. Let us do the same for you.


Campaign Management + Strategy

Effective, data driven campaign management and strategy that
wins elections.


Internal and external messaging, event planning and customized training designed to meet your communications goals.

Public Relations

Personalized strategies to meet
and exceed your public
relations goals.

Some of Our Clients

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Happy holidays from Groundwork Strategies

Groundwork Strategies sends you warm wishes for a happy, peaceful holiday season and a prosperous new year.Wishing you the best in 2020! Michelle McCormick and Tricia Mueller
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Get Out The Vote!

At this month’s United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America GOTV Political Conference in Las Vegas, Groundwork Strategies worked with UBC members to develop more effective strategies when meeting with elected officials. Programming for membership focused on the importance of political engagement and how members can make a difference through their involvement in issue...

Don't forget the weekend.

Today is the 125th anniversary of Labor Day. This holiday is one of the great legacies of the Labor movement, but so many people have forgotten what labor unions have won for us. The 8-hour workday, the 40 hour week, safe working conditions, equal opportunity, NO CHILD LABOR! FAIR WAGES! AND OMG HOW COULD WE...