Groundwork Strategies is a certified women-owned and operated public affairs and political consultancy firm.


Offices in Haddonfield, NJ and Philadelphia, PA

Our small but driven team is led by two women with decades of experience directing campaigns and shaping public opinion. Longtime friends Tricia Mueller and Michelle McCormick — a former national director for the Carpenter’s Union and a former small business owner, respectively — founded Groundwork Strategies in 2016 with a bedrock goal: To fashion their own hard-earned expertise into a powerful tool for others.

We thrive on difficult projects that offer a high return on effort. Our team rolls up our sleeves to put in the hard work to get the desired results. We have a fiercely innovative DIY spirit and a deep belief in the potency of kindness. We fight to ensure that every voice is heard and every need is met- that’s why we actively seek out projects that we think will benefit the community and refuse any that work against it.

We’re here to help those who want to make a stronger community and a brighter future for all of us.